Alison Renée Jarvis


Antonio Rohit De Lima Fernandes

Alison Renée Jarvis and Antonio Rohit De Lima Fernandes

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Our Story

Suddenly, in February 2015, I realized there was a handsome Indian man in my life who intrigued me with his quiet charm and loving interactions. I immediately felt that Antonio was someone I could trust, I felt that he saw the beauty inside of me and drew it out. This is a typical Antonio-trait and for a few weeks I quietly watched as he did this with everyone he came in contact with, and I thought to myself, "He is a good man, I'd like to be his friend". From then, our friendship grew through music. We sang together in the church choir and we practiced violin duets together. Occasionally Antonio would come over and sit on the floor of my living room, where he'd play guitar and I'd sing for him. It was there, sitting on the floor and singing together, that I realized I really liked him.

On the other hand, <wink> the first memory I have of Alison is being introduced to her in Fall of 2014. I was at once taken in by her femininity; her beauty. I thought to myself “… Antonio, this girl is out of your league” <laugh>. But Alison surprised me by being receptive to my friendship. As we grew closer, she continued to surprise me with her faith, her strength and her wisdom. Alison invited me to Easter brunch, 2015 and as we cooked together I remember thinking that she would be a great mother. On more than a few occasions she was receptive to my desire to adventure - be it a late evening excursion to Indian Rock (a lookout over Berkeley) or getting lost on a trail run in Redwood Regional Park. Many moments like these over time confirmed for me that Alison Renée Jarvis was a keeper.

We knew that being from different countries and different cultures could make a romantic relationship a little complicated, so we didn't want to rush into anything. We decided to entrust the future to the Lord, and spent some time getting to know one another as friends, while talking to our families about a potential relationship. By March of 2016, it was clear to both of us that the Lord had been drawing our hearts closer together, and we knew that we needed to take the next step in full trust of His plans. Our courtship and marriage-discernment began on Easter Vigil 2016, when Antonio asked me to court him in the green hills of the Sutter Buttes, near Yuba City (my home town).

Alison was the first woman I dated. And so everything was new and thrilling. I didn't think much of courtship or marriage before Alison, and so I didn't know what to expect. But every step of the way - including the hard times - I have been amazed by how blessed I am to be entrusted with Alison. Throughout our courtship I wondered silently and aloud at how well she loves me. The distance between us (Alison was in WA and I in CA) meant that we wrote each other many many letters. Through the letters we exchanged, Alison continued to surprise me with how well she understood and accepted herself and me. Oh yes, Alison excels at being a woman. She patiently taught me how to love her well and made me want to be a better man for her. Dreamy lovers staring into each others eyes seemed crazy until Alison and I were those lovers... Slowly, love songs began to make sense, theology of the body became relevant and sacramental marriage changed from being partly scary to being my heart's desire.

On Easter Vigil 2017, Antonio drove me out to the Sutter Buttes to watch the sun set. There, in the softly fading light, he read me a poem during which he knelt down and asked me to marry him. In that moment and every moment since, I knew that he is the one God is calling me to marry. Antonio's love is a little taste of the love of Jesus, and it is so sweet. A husband is supposed to love his wife as Christ loves the Church - with passion and sacrifice, desiring her ultimate good and leading her to it. In the midst of our (many) imperfections and struggles, in the midst of our joys and all of the excitement of love, Antonio has always led me closer to Jesus. I want to give all that I am to him, and I have no doubt that by his side, wrapped in his love, I will become the woman I was created to be. And so I am excited to begin this journey through life together, and I am excited for you all to be a part of our wedding and our lives!

As we have families and friends in both of our hometowns and allover the world, we will have two marriage celebrations! Our wedding and first reception will take place in Goa, India where we will receive the sacrament of marriage! Three weeks later we will celebrate our marriage in the US with a special celebratory mass and second reception in Yuba City, CA. We would love as many of you as possible to join us for both our wedding in India, and the following celebration in California; however, if you can only make it to one or the other we will be thrilled to see you there.

(Thanks to Elyse Dewey for taking our engagement photos!)
Lori Wemple